Tuesday, June 05, 2012

MCR Club in Singapore

I am happy to announce the formation of a mahjong club focusing on MCR play! This new club is actually an interest group hosted by Nee Soon South Community Club, but it will be open to all interested players. I am the organiser for this club and will thus programme and coordinate the activities of this club.

This interest group is intended to provide a venue for mahjong enthusiasts to play in a serious, competitive manner. The choice of rule variant is MCR as MCR is the main variant used for international competition. So, this MCR club will cater to both very competitive players who intend to participate in international tournaments (as I did in 2010, at the World Mahjong Championships in Utrecht, the Netherlands), as well as more casual players who just want to play a good (but mentally challenging) game of mahjong.

The club will meet about twice a month for play sessions, mainly on Saturday evenings, and on the occasional Sunday afternoon. Play sessions will comprise 2-hour games, and players will be moved around to play against different opponents for each game. A small fee will be charged per game. Spectating is free though.

All interested mahjong enthusiasts are welcome! To play, proficiency in MCR is required. Newcomers to MCR can download a PDF copy here (China Majiang Net) or here (European Mahjong Association version).

Our very first session is on 16th June 2012, at 5.30pm. Nee Soon South Community Club is located very near to Khatib MRT Station.

Enquiries are welcome! Please leave a comment here with your contact details.


EP said...

Viz, I have received your comment and contact details, but the email I sent bounced because it is apparently over quota.

Anonymous said...

Is there any games this coming Sunday Afternoon? And can i have your contact?

EP said...

Hello Anonymous!

Please leave some contact details (e.g. email address) in a comment and I can contact you directly. Your details will not be revealed on this blog.

cleffa3000 said...

is there any mj sessions for jap mj?

i have been playing online jap mj sessions online in tenhou or Janryumon
hope there will be a jap mj session in rl

EP said...


Unfortunately, the MCR club will focus on the MCR variant. There may be plans to split off a riichi section, but this will not be in the near future.

I know some folks who are keen to play riichi regularly, so maybe you can leave your details here so that I can link you up with them.