Nanyang Modern Mahjong Mindsport Tournament 2018

Tournament Overview

The inaugural Nanyang Modern Mahjong Mindsport Tournament will take place in March 2018, on board the cruise liner Mariner of the Seas, departing from Singapore. This tournament is organised jointly by Singapore’s Quesheng International Mahjong Club and Nee Soon South CC Sport Mahjong Club, in partnership with Citystate Travel and Royal Caribbean International, and supported by the Mahjong International League.

The Mariner of the Seas offers a family-oriented leisure programme that allows guests to visit two ports-of-call in Malaysia, as well as providing many entertainment options onboard the ship. Interested competitors are welcome to come along with their families so that they can enjoy both a challenging international mindsport tournament and a fun-filled cruise vacation.

General Information

1st March 2018 to 5th March 2018.

Tournament Venue
Mariner of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International), departure from Singapore.

Registration Fee

Accommodation Costs for Cruise
SGD 700 per person for early-bird promotional fares (twin-sharing standard rooms).
Promotional fares after the early-bird deadline will be higher, following prevailing rates.

Fares are inclusive of taxes, gratuities, and fees. All meals and most activities are included. Additional charges (in USD) will apply for alcohol, premium beverages, internet, shore excursions and other services. 

Registration Deadlines
15th October 2017, for the early-bird promotion.
15th January 2018, for non-early-bird registration.

Number of Competitors
A maximum of 120 players. (Updated 22nd October 2017)

Minimum Age for Competitors
18 years of age.

Mahjong Competition Rules, 1998 edition as interpreted by the Mahjong International League (MIL), i.e., China Majiang Federation MCR Tournament Rules (hosted on Google Drive). (Updated 17th January 2018)

Tournament Format
8 games in Danish System for player-matching (non-elimination, strong-against-strong).
4 games on Day 2; 4 games on Day 4. Rest day on Day 3; shore excursion to Langkawi, Malaysia. Lots of time for social play and onboard entertainment!

This tournament has only prizes for the top 8 individuals.

The top 6 players will also earn qualification spots for the individual event in the World Mahjong Sports Games 2018 organised by the Mahjong International League. (Updated 17th October 2017)

To register for the tournament, or to find out more, please contact Edwin Phua.

Full details and contact information can be found via the Tournament Information PDF (hosted on Google Drive).

Registered Players

S/N Name Country
1 Henry Choi 蔡志生 Australia
2 Alex Ivanovski Australia
3 Karen Ong 王莉雲 Australia
4 Anthony To Australia
5 Zhou Shihao 周世豪 Australia
6 Alexander Doppelhofer Austria
7 Bian Xingye 卞兴业 China
8 Chen Guizhen 陈桂珍 China
9 Chen Maoping 陈茂萍 China
10 Chen Xiaoyan 陈小燕 China
11 Chen Yujia 陈彧佳 China
12 Cheng Lixue 程立雪 China
13 Dong Feifei 董菲菲 China
14 Duan Hao 段昊 China
15 Duan Lianmin 段连敏 China
16 Feng Zhong 冯重 China
17 Fu Lihua 傅利华 China
18 Fu Qingqi 富庆奇 China
19 Gao Junrong 高军荣 China
20 Gao Liang 高亮 China
21 Guo Zhaolan 郭兆兰 China
22 Hou Guihua 侯桂华 China
23 Huang Liping 黄丽萍 China
24 Huang Xiao 黄晓 China
25 Li Bolin 李伯林 China
26 Li Guangcai 李光彩 China
27 Li Wenlong 李文龙 China
28 Li Zhencun 李振存 China
29 Lin Fosheng 林佛胜 China
30 Ling Xiaohong 凌小红 China
31 Liu Jianhua 刘健华 China
32 Liu Yuxia 刘玉侠 China
33 Ruan Minzhen 阮敏珍 China
34 Shi Yali 石亚丽 China
35 Song Panjing 宋盼婧 China
36 Wang Junhong 王军宏 China
37 Xing Chunyan 邢春艳 China
38 Xu Hua 徐骅 China
39 Xue Tao 薛涛 China
40 Yang Guoqing 杨国庆 China
41 Yang Ronghua 杨荣花 China
42 Yang Yaqin 杨亚琴 China
43 Yuan Defu 袁德福 China
44 Yuan Xiurong 袁秀荣 China
45 Zeng Suiyu 曾穗育 China
46 Zhang Fei 张斐 China
47 Zhang Jing 张静 China
48 Zhang Qiuxiang 张秋香 China
49 Zhang Ying 张颖 China
50 Zhong Shiying 钟世英 China
51 Zhou Delie 周德烈 China
52 Zhou Guijun 周桂君 China
53 Zhou Yuping 周玉萍 China
54 Zhu Jianzhen 朱健珍 China
55 Cédric Aguerre France
56 Liliane Ah Leung France
57 Monique Ah-Pine France
58 Caroline Arnaud France
59 Maria Barratault France
60 Sandra Bondoin France
61 Lucile Cheung Ah Seung France
62 Jonathan Costey France
63 Annabel Di Domenico France
64 Reine Doris France
65 Simone Duboz France
66 Simon Bounkeo Fongue France
67 Alfred Lam-Wan-Shum France
68 Emilie Lam-Wan-Shum France
69 Lionel Legaie France
70 Annie Manzo France
71 Bruno Manzo France
72 Annick Pause France
73 Joël Ratsimandresy France
74 Thérèse Roblin France
75 Emmanuel Taï Leung France
76 Christine Taylor France
77 Catherine Xanthopoulos France
78 Timur Hahn Germany
79 Kugimiya Kimito 釘宮 公人 Japan
80 Kugimiya Yukari 釘宮 百香里 Japan
81 Anton Kösters Netherlands
82 Marjan van den Nieuwendijk Netherlands
83 Oscar van den Nieuwendijk Netherlands
84 Denis Lugannikov Russia
85 Aleksei Shpilman Russia
86 Anna Shpilman Russia
87 Boey Mun Seng 梅文诚 Singapore
88 Cindy Cheh 谢美麗 Singapore
89 Cheo Kae Jer 章凯哲 Singapore
90 Doris Chow 周美娟 Singapore
91 Angel Fok 霍素珍 Singapore
92 Roger Goh 吳淸強 Singapore
93 Richard Lui 吕鹏 Singapore
94 Connie Mak 麥惠萍 Singapore
95 Oh Yong Sing 胡勇胜 Singapore
96 Ow Zhong Ming 胡中铭 Singapore
97 Bessie Png Yam Kim 方艳金 Singapore
98 Peter Pun 潘士刚 Singapore
99 Eric Quek 郭源州 Singapore
100 Adam Tan Singapore
101 Tan Yong Khai 陈勇楷 Singapore
102 Tsai Kok Pow 蔡國寶 Singapore
103 Shirley Yu Sau Lai 余秀丽 Singapore
104 Germaine Zhuang Singapore

Standby Players (in order of priority)

S/N Name Country
1 Chun Yu 虞纯青 Australia
2 Koh How Kiat 辜浩傑 Singapore

(updated on 17th January 2018, 1430 hrs)