Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mind Games in the News

It has been a while since I updated this blog and I really apologise for the long absence!

Previously, I had wrote about Mahjong and Mental Wellness as well as Mahjong Classes in Singapore, all because the People's Association (PA) was interested in promoting mental wellness by initiating courses in mind games such as mahjong.

Due to my work with the PA, I did a little interview with 938LIVE (the former NewsRadio 938) on the topic of mind games, where I contributed some of my views. This was quite a while back, in October 2009!

Essentially, the news article sought to bring together the views of mind game players like myself and a medical practitioner (from the Institute of Mental Health) on mind games and their supposed benefits.

You can read the news article Brain-stimulating activities keep dementia at bay or hear the podcast version (Mind Games in mp3 format).


Brent said...

Hi, just want to pop in and say I like your blog, keep writing!

I got into mahjong several years ago when my mother, on a whim, bought a set when we were in San Francisco's chinatown. We're Chinese, but third/fourth generation and pretty removed from our own culture. We brought it to my aunt's house and there she taught us the basics of HK style, and since then my love for the game has never diminished. I brought it to high school and inspired several others to buy their own sets. At college it's hard for me to even think of a friend who does not have a set! About two years ago some of my friends began playing Japanese/Riichi style and I'm currently playing with those rules all the time.

It's hard to explain to others this fascination I have with it. I'm not particularly good, nor am I characteristically a gamer in any way (board or video), but mahjong has always captured my interest. I find an instant kinship with other players I meet randomly, and we can talk for hours about strategy or past games. I'm always glad to come across another site or blog devoted to this amazing game. When I was in Russia I even found a group of dedicated riichi players through an online forum and they were some of the best players I've ever faced.

One of my good friends at uni (and soon-to-be roommate next school year) is from Singapore, and from him I first learned of animal tiles and Sing style. I haven't yet been able to play that way, but I hope the summer after I graduate to go visit Sing and have some fun.

Well, not sure why I wrote all that to you, I just get excited, heh. Keep writing, your entries are great!

EP said...

Hi Brent,

Thank you for your kind words, and for following my blog!

It is great for me to read about your experience. This way, I know a little bit more about my readers, and it would help me in my writing!

Don't worry, my blog is not quite dead yet! More posts will be coming soon (together with a minor site revamp). I have some ideas but I have been busy and had no time to write these out. But soon, soon!